When I first started this blog back in 2013, I was pregnant with my first child, in an unhealthy relationship, in the middle of switching universities three years into my (what was suppose to be four year) college career, hot, fat, and confused. But the biggest reason for starting the blog was that I felt alone and I just… needed an outlet. somewhere to write all my thoughts out and not be judged by people that knew me. And somewhere that maybe, quite possibly, there was someone who could actually relate to anything that I was saying.

WELP.. here I am. Two years later with an almost two-year-old son… and pregnant with baby #2. Only I promise this time, I will actually keep up with this blog and hope it turns out to be pretty great?! Of course, I’ll do a proper introduction post next… but I guess I can start off with my name right? It’s Karina btw. 🙂