These months leading up to baby #2 aka deuce (for now) are exciting.. Jaylen turns two, I celebrate my 23rd birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then my graduation!! I’m the type to document everything with pictures… lots and lots of pictures. I was thinking maybe combining Jaylen’s 2-year-old pics with my maternity pics. I wanted to take maternity pictures with Jaylen but I was extremely depressed. I went from being 130 to 190 during my pregnancy with him, the biggest I’ve ever been in life. I kept trying to tell myself: “it’s just the baby weight, it will go away after he comes…” but nothing seemed to help kick my depression’s a-s-s. So instead, I opted out of the maternity pics, ducked and dodged everyone who owned a phone with a camera .. and I truly regret it.

Jaylen turns two at the end of next month. My original plan was to get pics done before his birthday but I don’t have that cute round belly like I did with him. I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow and I do not look anywhere near pregnant. It’s to the point where my child’s father questions my pregnancy every time he picks Jaylen up for his visits (asshole right? lol). SO maternity/Jay’s 2nd-year photos are postponed until my cute little/big belly appears! 🙂

I need advice though! Has anyone done a joint photoshoot like mine? What are some cute creative ideas that I could possibly steal from you guys? I’ve spent every waking moment on Pinterest but I’d love to hear some new ideas!

Now on to my next task at hand: trying to find a cute, classy but sexy graduation dress… sounds easy right? Well, I forgot to mention that I’ll be 8 (close to 9) months pregnant when I take that walk across the stage. See my problem now? This is my ONE and ONLY graduation from college. I never imagined being pregnant when I finished school. I’ll be 23.. I’m young. I want to feel young on my big day, not feel like a 30-year-old woman with eight kids. But why is it so hard to find a dress to match my wants and needs? HELP.. SOMEONE… PLEASE?