Okay, I have a confession to make.. my name is Karina and I am addicted to everything that has to do with baby girls. From the moment I found out that women could conceive, I’ve wanted a little girl, a little mini me.. but a slightly girlier version of me. I loved playing with barbie dolls, doing their hair, dressing them up…all of the above. I owned one male barbie that was the “whore” around town. He was all macho manly and got every girl barbie preggers.

Lol… I got a little off topic there.

But seriously this is what I dreamed off since I was little. So, of course when I found out that Jaylen was a boy, I was upset. I got over it pretty quickly since I knew I wanted two kids before I went on life birth control. I felt I had one more shot to get my girl.. and that time has come! Since finding out I was preggo with baby #2 and actually becoming excited for this baby, I’ve done nothing but sit on Pinterest for 20 hours of the day. I’ve already picked out a first and middle name, a color scheme for her nursery, found every cute flower headband I could find, and even got the sibling t-shirts picked out for the two kids.

I’m obsessed. I know… this is bad. I shouldn’t be so ahead of myself, but I’m too far in and I can’t get out! AH!

It better be a girl.

It has to be a girl!

I mean come on, how can you look at things like this and not want a girl?

Adorable right?!
Click pic to find on Etsy!
Another post on Pinterest that I’m officially obsessed with!
Definitely getting this!
Definitely getting this!

I’m 17 weeks, 2 days today, 160 more days to go! I’ve done all the old wives quizzes and tales.. I’m craving pretty much nothing since morning sickness is still alive and well but when I do it’s something salty, belly is damn near non-existent but when I eat it sits high, my face is breaking out all over, and baby’s heart beats 150 per minute. What do you guys think I’m having, pink or blue? Leave a comment below! 🙂