Dating when I was younger was a breeze. In high school, I spent about 8 hours, 5 days a week with boys.. I had friends at different schools with boys.. I met boys at my track meets, other school dances.. boys were everywhere. It’s basically the same setup in college, only this time it was a little challenging. Everyone was in their prime freshman and sophomore year so sex was the hot topic. No one wanted a real relationship until maybe junior or senior year when they realized that there was more to life than keeping a tally of how many one night stands they had. I came into college with my “high school sweetheart”.. yeah, that love didn’t last long after finding out he cheated on me from the very beginning. Then I casually dated but nothing too serious until my junior year when I met my recent ex and child’s father. Of course, I thought he was the one until I recently discovered he’s a lying, wack job with serious commitment issues and only kept me around so he could avoid getting put on child support.

This whole 21 and up world is fairly new to me. I’ve outgrown clubs and moved on to bars. I’m out of the “let’s see how many shots we can take before we pass out” phase and into the “let’s grab dinner and maybe have a drink or two” era. This whole 21 and up world is quite confusing ya know? And having kids at 22 just makes it way more complicated!

So where do I exactly go to find Mr. Right when I’m ready?

In a bar or at church? Will I find him at the grocery store or through mutual friends? OR do I just sit around and let him find me?

I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant, 18 weeks tomorrow to be exact so obviously I won’t be dating anytime soon. (Because the whole being pregnant by another man thing is not really something that attracts other men.. lol) But I can already tell this is going to be one LONG process once I am ready!