Time to go on a little rant…

I’m annoyed. Why? Because this world is really screwed up and I’m tired of everyone trying make people fit into this tiny little box they consider “normal”.

Yes, I’m 22. Yes, I have a child already and YES, I am pregnant with my second.


Both pregnancies were not planned and honestly, I wouldn’t change it if I had the opportunity to. Growing up I was taught that a baby should come after marriage and if I did engage in sexual activities before I found my husband, it would be considered a sin. When I found out that I was pregnant, family members pressured my ex and I to get married but I’m SO GLAD we didn’t. Everyone said we needed to “fix the sin we committed”. If we did decide to get married, our child would’ve already been conceived… the deed had already been done, there’s no way of “fixing” anything. If we would’ve listened to everyone around us, I would be a 22-year-old DIVORCED mother of two. See how much worse that sounds than my current title? We both knew we weren’t ready to get married… even if that’s the one thing we could agree on.

I’m not ashamed of who I am. I’m a GRADUATING senior… my bachelor’s degree will be on display in my home by the time baby #2 arrives. I was doing homework hours after I gave birth to my son. Most can’t say that.

Let me make this clear, MY CHILDREN ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT. My children are an unplanned bundle of joy. They were unplanned by me, but they were clearly in God’s plans for me.

During my first pregnancy, I questioned everything. I questioned God.. “why are you doing this to me”. I was so consumed with negativity about my situation that I missed the message God was trying to teach me. My son helped to motivate me not only in school but in life. I learned so much about myself because of him.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was married and having kids by someone that I am in love with but I’m not and I’m totally okay with that. My kids bring me more joy, comfort, and love than any man will.

I’m getting where I want and need to be in life, I’m just choosing a different path than others. 🙂