Yeah… so remember when I said my children’s father and I were sorta getting along? Well, that train stopped chugging. I’m getting closer to d-day and I’m low-key getting nervous. When I delivered Jaylen, I had the best doctor. My grandmother was his nurse for 10+ years so I basically grew up knowing him. He’s the family gyno… as weird as that may sound. I want him to deliver Julian, but he doesn’t deliver at the hospital of my choice. The hospital he delivers at is a sh*t show. It’s where I delivered Jaylen and I promised myself to never go back. The nurses were rude and unattentive. I felt uncomfortable the entire time.

So in order to deliver at my ideal place, I had to get a new obstetrician. It’s a women’s office with a team of twelve doctors but I won’t know who will actually be delivering my baby until the day of. I guess it depends on who is on call that night. I’ve met with about six of the twelve doctors. I hate two and I’m only in like with one. I just feel like I should have a special type of connection with the person who’s hand is going to be up, close, and personal with my lady parts, but I just don’t feel it! I’m 29 weeks so I feel like going to a whole new office isn’t going to solve my problems. Outside of the twelve doctors, the office offers two midwives.

At the rate that my life is going, I don’t really know who is going to be my support person in the delivery room. My mom was annoying when I was giving birth with Jaylen, my dad left as soon as I was about to push, and Jeremy was really my only option. At the time, it was perfect. I was in love with this man so duh, who else would I want to hold my hand as I went through 35+ hours of labor? But umm, I don’t think I can depend on him this time around, seeing as though we don’t  AND can’t even get along. I need a person, I need MY PERSON!

My friend suggested looking into the midwives at the practice. She mentioned that they’re like your support person while at the same time being your doctor. She also mentioned that I will be able to get that personal connection that I’ve been searching for. I never really did any intense research on midwives because I heard they mainly work with drug-free labors and I was set on being drugged up with the liquid juice called an epidural. But this is might be last pregnancy, so why not try something different this time?


Who has had experience with a midwife? Would you do it again?

I’m trying to make a pros and cons list but I want personal opinions rather than a general article on Google.

Comment below!! 🙂