First and foremost,  HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones.

Jaylen and I had a blast. I’ve come to the conclusion that Jaylen is definitely spoiled and has way too many toys that a two-year-old should have. I want to donate but the toy level will balance out once JuJu gets here so I’m storing them until further notice. Being spoiled isn’t always a bad thing… well majority of the time it is… but to me it means that I am able to provide for my child. I’d rather he have everything he could ever want and more than not have enough.

So after the unfortunate incident that occurred last night, I had time to reflect and realize that 2016 is NEXT FREAKING WEEK. Does anyone else feel like this year went by entirely too fast? Did we celebrate every holiday? Skip a month or two? I feel like this year was a blur.

With the New Year approaching quickly comes everyone’s New Year resolutions. I’m that person that makes a massive list every year and I’ve already broken half of my resolutions by January 2nd. But I’m going to make a list anyways!

  1. Minimize my cursing: I’m fairly good around Jaylen because I would hate for him to pick up on bad habits from me. I’m learning that you don’t need to curse to express anger, sometimes those big intellectual words do more damage and get your point across better!
  2. Me, myself and I: Everyone should take some time out for themselves. I rarely did that in 2015. When I was with my ex, he worked a lot so Jaylen and I were attached at the hip. I love my kid, but I was starting to understand the gibberish that was coming out of his 1-year-old mouth because I was around him ALL THE TIME. Next year, I want to have a girls night at least once or twice every month. I also want to spend more time with adults and pamper myself because hey I deserve it! Moms.. dads, YOU DESERVE IT! Whether it’s spending time with a significant other or spending time alone, you must give yourself a day every once in a while where kids are not around.
  3. Positive vibes only: I’m happy to say that I don’t have to question anyone in my life. My current friends have been around for some years now and I trust them. I don’t question their loyalty and I know their true intentions. I want to keep it that way in 2016. When you keep negative people around you, your life will constantly be filled with negativity. No matter what you do to create a positive environment, it will also be blocked by that one person who just doesn’t want to see you happy.
  4. Pre-pre baby body: Yes, I want to lose weight and yes, I know this is very cliche. I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but not from this pregnancy. I guess I shouldn’t use the word “weight” because I know I obviously will never weigh 130 pounds again. Not with my new found hips and boobs. But I want my hour glass body back. The body were I could put on anything and it would look good on me… and I felt good in it! I didn’t have to worry about a roll sticking out here or there.  I’ve been doing pretty well this pregnancy with my eating habits and exercise. Jaylen made me crave Taco Bell every hour on the hour and Julian made me crave a lot of fruit and veggies… and maybe a cheeseburger here and there. So, I’m hoping the snapback will be REAL after this and then I can work on defining and shaping my body the way I want it to be.

What are some of your “New Year resolutions”?

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