Dear Julian, EXIT MY BELLY!

I’m 37 weeks, 3 days and I’m at that point where I’m kinda over being pregnant. None of my clothes fit, sleeping sucks, and being a civilized human outside the comfort of my home is more of a chore than anything. Julian’s cute kicks have turned into jolts of pain to my ribs and Jaylen is trying to figure out why it takes mommy ten minutes to get out of the bed.

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I have to thank God for my little helper, though. Jay may be a terrorizing, adventurous little boy but he’s also very caring. He picks up things for me without asking. If he sees something out of place, he’ll let me know or put it back himself. If he sees me laying down for too long without movement, he’ll come by and say “you okay mama?”…. GAH I love him <3. Without Jay, these past few weeks would’ve been a nightmare.

I’ve always been a firm believer that babies will come out when they’re ready, so don’t force it. But I wanted to try all of those crazy ways to induce labor at home since I didn’t do any of them with Jaylen. I did get my membranes stripped twice with him at 37 and 38 weeks pregnant. Jaylen made his arrival at 39 weeks thanks to that and walking.

The first thing I tried was pineapples. They say that pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that is supposed to work like a prostaglandin to  jump start labor. I ate about 3 FRESH whole pineapples. I didn’t feel not one contraction. FAIL.

I walk up and down the stairs in our home. They say walking up and down stairs gets baby lower into the birthing canal and might even get your water to break. I consider a trip up and down 15 stairs as one set, I do 50 sets a day. No contractions but a lot of pausing because I get very out of breath. I also get very dehydrated. FAIL.

I read somewhere that nipple stimulation is a guaranteed way to induce labor at home. They said 15 minutes of nipple stimulation on each breast will get those contractions jumping! Well, I just might be weird or something because I did this three times and I’m clearly still pregnant. I didn’t contract as well. FAIL.

Spicy foods… lots of heartburn but no contractions so FAIL.

Castor oil is also supposed to be a guaranteed labor inducer but yeah, no I’ll pass. I don’t nor do I want my unborn child to have the runs (TMI). I really think that’s just a bad idea.

I’m currently downing a cup of raspberry leaf tea, which is supposed to either induce labor or help with progression. I’ve been two centimeters dilated for the past two weeks, so I’m hoping to hear good news at my upcoming appointment. Actually, I’m hoping that he comes before my appointment… like tonight.

What crazy things have you done to try to induce labor on your own?