D-day is quickly approaching and I have so many things to think about and decisions to make. I figured I would list them out in hopes that putting them into the atmosphere will somehow make them actually happen.

I WILL have my mom and (hopefully) the boys god mom in the delivery room like I did with Jaylen.

I WILL allow visitors but not as many as the first time around.  I had a lot of unwanted visitors. Close friends and MY family members are the only people I want to see.

I WILL keep baby in the room with me. No nursery time! I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with my newborn out of my site.

I WILL get him circumcised while in the hospital.

I HOPE to have someone stay overnight with me. I’m hoping the hospital will allow my mom and son to stay. Their father staying is just an absolute no-no.

I WILL attempt to deliver without getting an epidural. Number one reason why I want a doula. I’m a baby when it comes to pain so this one will be hard to actually go through with. Everyone is like “it’s not that bad”… yeah, says the person who was in labor for 4 minutes. If I have a long labor and delivery process like I had with Jaylen, I don’t think I will get through it without meds. I can deal with a couple of hours of pain, not a whole day and a half.

I WILL breastfeed again and for a longer period of time. I do not want to resort back to mixing and buying formula.

What are some things listed on your birthing plan?