The labor Gods finally decided to stop sending me to voicemail.

My water broke around 11 a.m. last Thursday (1/14). By this point, I had given up all hope in having Julian early. I stopped all the crazy at-home labor inductions. I actually threw my hospital bag in the back of my closet because I was tired of looking at it.

I was in the middle of a phone interview for a potential job. I felt water slide down my pants as I was in middle of explaining how wonderful of a candidate I am to a group of people. My water did not break with my first born so this feeling was very new. At first, I thought I peed on myself. Then, I realized that I didn’t have to pee. This was something else.

I tried to keep myself together as much as possible until the end of the interview. When it was over, I ran upstairs to my mom and told her the news. From the time my water broke until 8 or 9 pm, I sat in a  labor and delivery room waiting to feel at least one contraction.  I walked the halls of Beaumont about a hundred times, did squats… nothing happened.

When I intentionally arrived at the hospital, my cervix was extremely thick so I was given three doses of this pill to help thin it out before given Pitocin aka the devils drug. After my third dose, I went from 2cm to 4cm. Pitocin was injected into my IV and the gates of hell opened up.

I saw Jesus after that. I don’t remember much. I just remember being tugged and tossed in every position possible. I almost remember feeling like I smoked a million joints of marijuana. My soul literally exited from my body. Contractions became unbearable. It felt like a little demon was trying to rip my insides apart. I caved. Yes guys, I got an epidural. 😦

About 30 minutes to an hour after, the Pitocin took a turn for the left. Both of our heart rates decreased drastically so I was taken off of the devil’s drug. I heard the nurses mention a c-section to my family and I freaked out. I cried hysterically because I felt like my worst fears were coming true.

My epidural decided to stop working as well… which in a way was a good thing. I wanted to experience a natural birth and trust me I felt EVERYTHING.

I went from 4 cm to 10 in a matter of minutes.

It was worth it, though. Feeling like I was about to enter heaven was definitely worth it. Every ounce of pain, confusion, fear… everything was worth it.

At 5:05 am on January 15, 2016, weighing it at 5lbs, 14 oz., Julian Isaiah was born and he is nothing short of perfect.