It’s been about a week and a half since the new addition to the family arrived and I can honestly say that I still have my sanity. 🙂

Jaylen loves his little brother, which warms my heart. Sometimes it hurts when I have to tell him he can’t kiss all over him because of all those toddler germs he carries. There definitely are moments of jealousy though. He’ll sigh or act out.  Thank God for my mom being around to show him a little more attention than usual. He’s still mommy’s helper, although he refuses to throw away the baby’s dirty diapers, lol.

Julian is an angel and breastfeeding is going well! He wakes up every three or four hours to eat, get changed, and goes right back to sleep.

I feel so refreshed and energized! I was up and about the same day I had him. The nurses recommended that I don’t drive for two weeks but I think putting myself on house arrest would’ve done more damage than good. I want to avoid the dreaded PPD (postpartum depression). Getting out of the house was the first step to bypassing it.

I’ve also been on several job interviews! I really hope to land something soon.

Overall, life is good. . . . . except POTTY TRAINING.

I started to train Jaylen before the baby came. After reading a couple of articles suggesting not to potty train with a new baby coming, I stopped. I want to start again but I can’t find the motivation. One would say that changing two sets of dirty diapers or the amount of cash I’m giving to Luvs and Pampers every month would be enough motivation…  but it’s not. I think I’m scared. I’ve read so many horror stories! Why is potty training so terrifying?!

If you’ve successfully potty trained, please let me in on your secrets! How did you get started? How long did it take you? What tips or tricks do you have?