Dating sucks. Okay, maybe not the entire process because the free meals are great. LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I want to meet someone but the whole process of getting to know someone is long and tiring! It is extremely hard as a mother of two because your time is limited and very precious and whoever you decide to entertain has to understand that.

Now for the last few months, I didn’t feel ready to date so I basically pushed away anyone of the male species that even looked my way. I needed time to gather my life and take control of things. I started to return the attention that was given to me and I just HAVE to share this one guy in particular…

I knew “sugar daddies” were real but I truly never knew someone who had one or ever met one myself until a few weeks ago. This man approached me while I was waiting outside for my friends. He seemed normal and was also attractive. A voice in my head said “just give him your number”.

A few days later, he seemed really cool! We had great conversations, it was like I was talking to the male version of myself. Then one day, he just flipped.

I hadn’t spoken to him in about a day or two and he randomly sent me a text one morning asking if I wanted my nails done. I was shocked because in my last relationship, I wasn’t offered things like this so it threw me off. I politely declined because I felt like we just met each other and it was too soon for me to be accepting such favors from him. He immediately started to throw money at me. He didn’t like the fact that I didn’t want his gifts or money. He offered to pay my rent, car insurance, take me shopping, and take me on trips. I declined each time.

Now, I used to joke with my friends all the time about how I wanted a sugar daddy but I finally met one and yelled “PINEAPPLES.. nooo I don’t want this!”.  I promise you when I say that I never did anything more than shake this man’s hand.

Long story cut short, I BLOCKED the heck out of him from contacting me. But I did let him know I was doing it and why because there is a strong possibility that I will run into him again.

Some of my friends think I should’ve taken his money and run, others feel like I didn’t give him a chance.. but I am just not that type of person nor am I attracted by the things a man can buy me.

What would you have done in this situation? I promise I won’t judge. 🙂