Around this time last year, I was drooling over girl clothes, wishing and praying for a sweet little girl to enter my life.. only to have my hopes and dreams crushed the following month. Let me say this though, I AM SO HAPPY I HAD ANOTHER BOY.

I get to save all of Jaylen’s clothes for Julian, even though I still buy both of them clothes every time I step foot into the red devil a.k.a TARGET. Grooming is a breeze. Their get ready process consists of a $5 brush from Walmart and a little of bit of hair lotion. Accessories include a belt, maybe a hat. I used to think boys clothing was boring before having kids. Their clothes are actually really adorable. I love putting outfits together now.

I don’t have to buy two sets of toys. Julian doesn’t even play with baby toys, he’d much rather push his big brothers cars around all day.

I absolutely adore my boys. I love watching them interact with each other. Jaylen LOVES his little brother. He’s so overprotective. He’ll hear him fussing/crying and will try to calm him down until I get to him. He watches over him, makes sure he isn’t in the line of danger. It has never been a time where I felt uncomfortable leaving them in the room alone together.

Julian lights up when Jaylen is around. He follows him everywhere. Julian has a crib, but majority of the time co-sleeps with me. The first thing Jaylen does in the morning is run into my room and says “Oh HI Ju-ian, hi baby!”.

The love they share is beautiful and it’s so interesting for me to watch every day.I grew up as an only child with my mom . I have siblings on my dad’s side, but I rarely saw them. So getting to experience and watch the bond my boys have is a joy to me.

One day… maybe… someday… a very LONG time from now… when I get happily married, I will try for my little girl. I said I didn’t want anymore kids but I said this because I was afraid of raising a lot of kids on my own. I knew in the situation that I was in, I would be doing everything on my own. I never felt that we were parenting together when we were together.

My boys are reason behind my strength and my confidence. They have made me tap into a part of myself that I never knew was there. I have become more adventurous. I’ve learned to conquer some of my fears. I also have a strang addiction to Paw Patrol now.. lol.

These kids have made me take a look and realize what really matters in life. They wake up everyday with no care in the world, they live life on the edge, and their main goal is just to have fun every. single. day. They have taught me to stop every once in awhile, take a break from my everyday worries and just enjoy the world around me.