When I started this blog, I had a purpose. I was always told in college from my journalism professors that I needed to have a blog, but I could never pick a topic. I tried music reviews, I tried talking about clothing but these vlogs turned to mush after a couple of posts because those things were not sparking that fire that I was searching for.

It finally hit me after a few trial and errors that writing about my every day life was the best thing for me because I was writing about a new topic each time. I was bored with previous blogs because although the content was different, the main idea was repetitive and it was boring! I chose to put everything out here for my readers so someone will somehow relate to something I have said. In my mind, I thought “well, if today’s post is not relatable to one, maybe the next one will be.” EVERY POST IS DIFFERENT. 

My life includes my family, friends, co-workers, significant others, enemies… no one is excluded.

Now today, I received a very disturbing call from my mother about my ex, who continuously disrespects her. The same ex who my mom gave a fully paid off vehicle to, the same ex who my mom used to stick up for when she didn’t need to. Apparently he’s upset about the fact that I have a blog… OH. He called and bashed my mother for being supportive of my blogs and reposting one of my articles on her Facebook page. OH!

I graduated December 2015 with a bachelors degree in Journalism. I spent 5 years in college, two of those years with a child, working a part-time job, slaving away trying to earn a degree. I finally have something that I am doing well in.. something I have passion for and I’m suppose to keep my mouth shut…for you?

I have never been the type to NOT express how I feel. I tell things how it is and I understand a LOT of people are not going to like it. If you don’t like it, then change it. If you don’t like that I don’t have positive things to say about you, then maybe take a look at yourself and realize what you did to make me feel this way.

It’s MY LIFE. I can pick and chose to do whatever I feel is necessary to maintain my happiness and my sanity. Everything that I chose to write are facts. No one’s full government names are listed on any of my posts. If you’re reading this and know me personally, then the things I write about are probably just a recap of what you’ve already witnessed happen in my life.

I have a voice and I have a talent. I am going to use what God gave me.

I refuse to be a mute.