Happy Monday, more importantly, Happy Labor day!

This past weekend was eventful. Labor Day in Michigan means long weekends, fair food, BBQ, and carnival rides. But this weekend was eventful for us because Julian was getting christened at my home church.

A christening/blessing is like a baptism, only difference is during a baptism, the individual getting baptised makes that commitment on their own. During a christening, the parents are making that commitment to raise the child in a christian household and teach them about God. For those of you that don’t know, I am seventh-day adventist. We are Christians, we believe in God and the trinity. The only thing that differs my religion from other Christians is that we attend church on Saturdays instead of Sundays… hence the word “seventh-day adventist”. We believe Saturday is the seventh-day, the day the Lord made holy for us to rest from our everyday lives and worship him. I grew up in this religion but as I got older, I drifted away. Going away to college made it hard to attend my home church. There were seventh-day adventist churches around my school but I felt uncomfortable going to this new place alone. I did a lot of worship in my dorm room.

When I moved closer to home, my church had went through a lot of changes and many members left. The service was dead… plus with a kid who can’t sit still long enough to make it through a tv commercial, I knew attending every Saturday was not going to be our favorite thing to do.

I found another church to attend, non-denominational, thanks to one of my best friends. They have day-care, service was short and sweet but also engaging… and you could wear whatever you want! I felt obligated to dress up in my best attire at my home church because wearing jeans or a t-shirt in the sanctuary was frowned upon. It’s very  hard nowadays to find a “church appropriate” outfit in stores. The new church also recorded their services so I could always watch from home.

The kids attend my home church about once a month with my mom aka nana. Although the new church was everything I wanted and more, they were missing the family vibe. I can walk into this mega church every week and still not know anyone other than my best friend but at my home church, I knew everyone. Everyone greeted you with a smile, knew you by name, and inquired about your everyday life. I didn’t want to entirely rob my kids of that feeling. This is why I chose to have them blessed by people who knew me best, my church family.

Jaylen was blessed when he was around 8 months so it was only right to have Julian blessed around the same age. Close family members and family friends attended the ceremony. Their dad and his family were not invited. Once again, we don’t like each other nor care for each other and the last thing I would want to happen is for drama to occur on such a special day.

It felt great to visit my home church and be surrounded by my church family. It also felt great knowing that my kids and I are loved and accepted by people who could easily judge us. I had two kids out of wedlock which is not something that most Christians accept. But not once during my time visiting did I feel that people were staring harder than they should.. lol.

Overall, it was a great day. 🙂

Julian in his christening attire. 🙂