I’ve always lived my life repeating “well, what if…“. I have a lof ot regrets because I chose to make decisions out of fear of the unknown. I literally think about the times where I was conflicted and I chose one way over another because of my fears.I missed out on MANY good things because of this.

I loved having plans and sticking with them. I also loved knowing my next move. The instability and unorganization of everyday life made me a nervous wreck. I spent more time worrying about what’s next rather than enjoying the now.

I’m trying to live my life without fear. I’m talking about the fear of the unknown, not the “let me stand on the edge of this cliff” type of fear. I’m trying to get rid of the “what ifs” and implement YOLO into my everyday life. I’m letting life run its course and only intervene to make a decision if necessary.

This life change has definitely helped dating wise. I thought I had “a type” but I was clearly wrong. I find myself attracted to men who I thought I would never talk to and I’m giving people chances that I said I never would. This change has also positively impacted my friendships.

I love this new change.