I have a three-year old. My baby… my 6 lb, 9 oz baby is three. Wow. I still cannot believe this.

His “pawty” was a success, btw. We had a good turnout of adults and kids, more than enough food, candy and a HUGE bounce house. Jaylen was bouncing and smiling from ear to ear and my heart was so full because of this.

At one point in the day, I sat down and stared at him as he interacted with his guests. Occasionally while I was observing him, he would randomly run over and hug me. It was like he was voluntarily checking in on me, letting me know he was okay.

I sat there and thought about life before him and how confused I was. I realized how much direction this kid gave me, how much my life has changed. I also remembered all the BS I went through (and still go through) with his father after he came into my life. The many times I wanted to just give up everything and everyone.

Jaylen is so full of life. He is honestly the happiest kid. Yes, he has his moments where the toddler attitude comes out but he has more good days than bad. He literally wakes up every morning and smiles while greeting his brother and I.

Recently in my area, there was a man who murdered his two stepchildren and two of his own, four kids in total. I believe the youngest was 4 years old. He reacted and took away these innocent children’s lives because their mother wanted a divorce… he wanted her to suffer so he made her watch it all happen.He then called the cops and unapologetically waited for them on the front porch.

This situation broke my heart. Not only did the murder occur in a house that is only a few short minutes away from me but I am a dating mother of two kids . It’s scaring to not  know someone’s true intentions or mental stability. This type of situation can happen to ANYONE although I hope it doesn’t. You really have to cherish every day you spend with the people you love. Make sure you let them know you appreciate and love them. Don’t take the small moments for granted.

It’s been three LONG years with Jaylen, three trying and tiring years, but honestly three of the best years of my life. Every day I get to spend with him is a blessing.