This whole “give people a chance” thing is actually going pretty well! I recently connected with my first love.. yeah, I know right. He’s been trying to get in contact with me for THE LONGEST but I just wasn’t ready. I had not matured or learned from our three-year fail of a relationship. Okay, maybe it was not a fail… but it was a three-year lesson well learned.

It took my last relationship to end for me to realize that my first love was not that bad of a person. We were young and dumb. He didn’t know any better and I realized that I can’t blame his 18-year-old self forever.

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that you have to get over stuff in order to grow as a person. Healing can be a long process but it’s NECESSARY. This man came to me and sincerely apologized for everything that he did and the pain he put me through. He told me how much he appreciated everything I did for him and how “he wouldn’t be where is here if it wasn’t for me“.

It feels SO good to finally to be appreciated. FINALLY. I was really starting to second guess myself. My children’s father made me feel like complete donkey booty. He made it seem like I did nothing for him and I was nothing. But to finally know that someone appreciated the time and effort I put into them and a relationship that I took serious feels great.

Now, I’m definitely not getting back with my first love but I don’t hate him anymore. No hard feelings against him but the butterflies did not return to my stomach after our meeting.

I think we both got closure.. and maybe this will grow into a wonderful friendship. 🙂