This world is full of many different kinds of people. Sometimes you can see someone’s true colors from day one, but many others take a while before the real starts to surface. Growing up my mom always said “be careful who you call a friend”.. and I rolled my eyes every time I heard it. When I became an adult and started to experience REAL problems, I finally decided that maybe my mom was right after all?!

I slept with the devil and now I get burned every day of my life. I slept with someone who I thought was heaven sent. I kept saying to myself “God picked this man for me”OH BOY was I wrong!

I always try to find the good in everyone but I literally can’t find it in this one. One minute I think I found something and then 2 seconds later, I’m proved once again why I’m wrong.

This demon has emotionally abused me to the point where I have considered doing things that are out of my character and morals. It’s gotten to the point that now he’s “trying” to take away two of my most precious items, my valuable gems.

When will this stop? 

This demon wants to see me suffer. It wants to bring pain into my life. This demon is battling their own personal demons and wants to bring their hurt onto other people. The smile I carry on my face every day is a threat to them.

The scariest thing in life is not knowing someone’s true intentions. They could be a miracle in disguise or a person trying to break you down by every mean necessary. Be careful who you let into your world. Be careful about the decisions you make.

We’re human so we’re bound to run into a demon every now and then. But remember demons don’t live on forever. They become weak when they don’t have someone’s attention and energy. Demons ALWAYS disappear.