The past two weeks have honestly taken the top spot of my favorite moments in 2016.

Starting off with my birthday, which really didn’t go as planned. I had fun… maybe too much fun but it was TOTALLY worth it. The day of my birthday was spent with two of my favorite people, my mom and one of my best friends. We went to Painting With A Twist and instantly became artists. I was showered with love the entire day as soon as the clock hit 12:00 am. That day made me realize how many people I have supporting me and loving me, even people that I don’t really communicate with on a regular basis.

The following Saturday, I went out with one of my good friends. It was like a sequel of the hangover… we just won’t talk about it. LOL

The next day, I spent preparing for my pharmacy tech exam. I’ve been studying for this exam since June of this year. A lot was riding on whether I passed this exam or not. If I didn’t pass, I knew I was going to wake up the next day without a job… the feeling of the unknown was eating me alive.

I walked into the testing facility sweating bullets. I honestly wanted to shit my pants. I only shared with a few people that I was taking the exam that night because I feared the possibility of failure.

But guess what…

I made that exam my B****H. (Sorry not sorry for the explicit.)

I fell to the ground with buckets of happy tears rolling out of my eyes when I saw the word PASS on my screen. Two days later and it STILL feels unreal.


I can do nothing but thank God! Thank him for helping me to retain the information that I studied over these last few months.

I can’t lie… the test was HARD. Extremely challenging. My confidence level was brought all the way back to reality during the exam. But it’s over now and I could not be happier.

This thanksgiving, I am thankful for my amazing support system. My immediate family, my friends, my AMAZING co-workers, and of course my two boys. I am thankful for God allowing me to be blessed with this great group of individuals.I am also very thankful to be out for the toxic situation I was in earlier this year. My blessings have been flowing ever since.

I know it’s hard to reflect and look at the positives from this year, especially after enduring such a controversial election… an election that brought out the ugly in everyone. But try it. Try to sit down and really appreciate and be thankful for the blessings you have received this year.

Happy thanksgiving everyone from my family to yours.