“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

I want more. I don’t know how to get it but I want it. I think I may have set too many goals for myself this year… or is that even possible?

I’ve been battling back and forth with my job for the last couple of weeks. Things have been pretty hectic in the office and a lot of changes have occurred. I hate change but I hate being at a stand still. I’m confusing, I know.

Okay… I wouldn’t necessarily say I hate change but I hate sudden, unexpected change. Give me time to prepare and adapt. Give me some type of warning.

The changes that have happened recently have opened my eyes to my current position. It sparked a fire inside me to go get more.


I don’t know what path I should take to get there. I don’t know which way I should move. I am completely lost.

It feels like everyone around me is moving at speeds that I want to be. That growth and progression that I’m trying to get seems to come so easy for others.

Have you ever felt like you will never be satisfied? You constantly want more and more for yourself but will that desire ever die? Will I ever get to that level of satisfaction and contentment?

I try to tell myself that I am blessed every day. Maybe it is selfish of me to be so dissatisfied when there are plenty of others who are nowhere near my status in life. But if I shoot down my wants and desires for more, is that settling?

I’m tired of adulting. I think I gave the grown-up life a try but it’s not working out for me. I quit. lol