It’s only been a little over a week since this spawn of Satan was sworn in as “president” and he’s already running our country into shambles. The guy is SICK.

Donnie, why do you think it’s okay to ban a group of people because of their religion? Remember our country.. the land of the free?  Or did you forget along with the fact that your wife is an immigrant as well… and your kids are not full blown Americans? That your buildings were most likely built by someone of a different race/religion? Along with the house you used to live in, the clothes on your back, and the cars you drive?

Or how about the people that guard your new place of residence? The people who are paid to protect your overly tan behind? Your maids? Your nannies because I’m sure you don’t have the time nor patience to take care of them yourself… YOUR FRIENDS? Your friend’s friends? Their family? Do you see where I’m going here?

Donnie…  you’re scared. You’re scared of the world you live in. You’re scared that someone will come in and take everything away from you. I get it. I’m scared too! But that fear should never turn into hate against an entire group of people who did nothing to you.

Hate creates loneliness. Hate for others turns into self-hate.

To the people have been affected by this man’s actions, just know that we love you and we appreciate you. We accept you. YOU ARE WANTED.

We need to stick together as a country, we CANNOT let this man nor the negative actions of anyone else drive us apart. We are strong but we are even stronger when we work TOGETHER.