Forewarning: this post may be little much but whatever. If you’re comfortable reading about sex, then continue to read. If not, then I’ll see you next week!

Sooo let’s dive right into it..

I’m clearly not a virgin. I’m a woman with needs or whatever you want to call it. And yeah, I’m not married (never been married) so bite me if you think my life decisions are “wrong” .

Trust and believe I’ve heard the lecture far too many times. My grandmother still to this day mentions it and I’m like um, ya know it’s a little too late for that ya know? Don’t get me wrong, if you believe in abstinence then DO YOU BOO BOO. I totally don’t knock anyone’s decision to wait until marriage. I chose not to. Why? Because I don’t want to wait until marriage and find out my husband has a 0.5 inch penis and no stroke game. Then I’m stuck with this for the rest of my life.



Before I get married, I want to do everything with my man. I want to live together because being with someone and LIVING with someone are two different things and two VERY different people. I want to connect with them on every level: physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. I feel that this will help us to know if we’re completely satisfied with one another.

The reason why I’m talking about sex is because I’ve chosen to wait a while before crossing that line with the person that I’m interested in. Before I was like oh hey, let’s do the deed. Maybe not the first night but after a couple of dates… but now I’m waiting, really waiting. The guys that have recently tried to talk to me are extremely pissed. But I guess that’s a good thing! It shows me that they weren’t really into me, they were more interested in the power that I carry down under.

In no way, shape, or form, do I think this will help me find my true love faster. I have friends who literally will sleep with any guy they think that’s cute and then I have friends who are practicing abstinence. Both sides have failed and successful relationships. So in reality, it doesn’t matter what you chose to with your va-jay-jay… every situation is different but neither have a better success rate than the other.

I think this decision has helped me to clear my head and open my eyes. I’m thinking with my right mind and not my ripe vag.