What is a leech? A female who literally cannot do anything without their spouse. They work and/or go to school and then run home to sit in their man’s face. Dats it. They just sit there… staring into his soul while he minds his own business, tending to his everyday activities while their girl is ignoring friends, family, and everything that doesn’t have to do with their man.

Most people would say I’m “bitter” because I’m not in a relationship. Well, that’s definitely not the case. I found leeches to be annoying while I had a whole a** man. Others might say that my exes have cheated on me so I haven’t experienced the type of love the leeches have. But naw, not every single man I’ve been with cheated on me. I have experienced the type of love when you want to be up under your man every single chance you get. But that type of love has never made me put aside my friends and family or my whole personal goals. Honestly 9 times out out ten, the man wants some space and doesn’t know how to tell the female. It’s very rare to see those feelings are mutual.

I have a few friends like this. We will make plans but they will drop me for their man in a hot quick minute. Now, I wouldn’t mind if they dropped out plans for a legitimate date with their boy toy. But they’re dropping our plans to sit and watch their man play a video game or watch him sleep. Am I just a bad friend? Am I not fun enough for you? 

I. Don’t. Get. IT.

What happens when all the left-behind friends are gone and now the man you threw them away for betrays you?  What are you going to do now that you’re all alone?

I’m really struggling trying to maintain some of the friendships I have in my life. It requires too much time and energy to keep trying with some people.

There’s more to life than your significant other.

Yes, it’s okay to be obsessed with someone but it’s okay to breathe a little. Take a little break from them and show appreciation to the other people you have in your life.

Listen… if a full-time working mother of two can clear her schedule for you, you can drop your man every once in awhile.