Take my money.

Take it all… Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree.. TAKE. IT.

I never really analyzed holidays and the meanings behind them until I had kids. It took a trip to the store for toilet paper only to come out with a cart full of junk for a holiday that’s two months for me to ask the question:


What is a Easter bunny? Does this thing lays eggs? What is his purpose? Is it even a man?! How can a male bunny lay eggs? And why are his eggs filled with expensive sh*t?

I saw an Easter basket that had a DVD player in it. I thought they were supposed to be filled with candy? An entire DVD player, guys. What 5-year-old child needs an entire DVD player as an Easter gift? So if I get them a DVD player for Easter then what in God’s name am I suppose to them for Christmas… their birthday… HOW DO YOU TOP THAT? This is getting kinda ridiculous (although I do hope that Easter basket lands on my doorstep this Sunday). 🙂

I’ll complain all day, every day about the crazy gifts for these holidays but I’m still going to buy it for my babies. I don’t plan on teaching them about the Easter bunny or these crazy fictional characters because I don’t understand the concept myself. My family wasn’t big on these holidays either growing up.

Halloween was one that my mom didn’t really partake in. She allowed me to dress up but I didn’t go trick or treating until I reached high school and no one wanted to give my grown a** candy. I do plan on doing the opposite with my kids. We’re dressing up every year and we’re having family themed costumes. And yes, they will hate me forever but I DON’T CARE.

Christmas is different. Every December, my mom made sure our home was decorated to the nines with lights and our tree was well lit with presents all for me. I’m practicing that with my boys and also starting a tradition of putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving after visiting the drive-thru light show. I want to also start a tradition of attending the Thanksgiving parade as well if the weather permits or watching it on the big screen over a breakfast buffet.

Only thing that sucks about holidays is co-parenting. You can’t really stay true to the traditions every year because you may not be with your child. In an ideal world, you could create traditions with the other parent but that’s not the case for us. It would do more damage than good.

Anywho, holidays can get a little crazy. But try to remember the real reason behind them. Some looney person created these in order for us to bond with our loved ones. It serves some type of purpose even though it’s hard to see sometimes.

Happy Easter everyone.