Chivalry is completely dead.

I even had trouble spelling it, that’s how dead it is to my generation.

I was with one of my male friends the other day. I stopped at a gas station and as I proceeded to get out of the car I heard:

“Do you want me to pump the gas or do I have to do it?”

Excuse me… what?

Why is that even a question coming out of your mouth?

I’ve had random men come over and offer to pump my gas… granted they wanted my number but STILL. Chivalry people!

Should I not expect a man to open the door for me when I’m walking through a building? Should I not expect a man to know that he should always walk on the side closest to the road?

I’ve grown to like older men, although it’s hard to find a genuine, unmarried man. I don’t have to teach them. A majority of them know how a woman should be treated. Not saying the younger crowd doesn’t… there are a few that were taught right from wrong.

It’s sad that men of my generation lack these qualities but what’s even worse is that woman don’t know about chivalry either. They make fun of guys who actually do this or they’re startled by it. I admit I was a bit surprised when an old boyfriend of mine slapped my hand when I tried to open my car door. His exact words ewere:

“You don’t touch three things when you’re with me. Doors, chairs, and bills.”

Am I asking for too much? 

Sometimes I feel like maybe these things shouldn’t be expected from the men. Maybe I’m spoiled? Maybe I feel too highly of myself? But then I feel like I’m settling for less than I deserve. I’m adapting to the excuses and lowering my worth.

I’m raising two boys who will grow up to be men. They will be someone’s best friend, boyfriend, and husband. What I teach them reflects right back on me so I want to them to be the best representation of ME.

Doing these things are a choice. It’s also a sign of respect.

Men, please remember “it’s the little things that matter most”.