They say the prettiest girls have the lowest self-esteem. I admired those women a few years ago. I would look at the “pretty” girl and think she had it made… she had money, an education, friends, and of course she had the man (or men). Then I became friends with these girls and found out things that I needed to know to help with my self-growth.

These girls were unhappy.

They had a lot of self-hate.

These women chase after the things that they fear the most and subconsciously put themselves in bad situations only to turn around and ask the “why me” question.

They also seek attention from the wrong places (social media, the wrong people, etc).

But the worst part of it all, they were alone. Even with all the people around them, flocking to their every need, practically drooling at their feet, they felt ALONE.

Their “friends” were more like “fans”. No one was genuine.

Shocker? Not really. Because I understood the term “quality over quantity” at a very young age. I realized that in a group of ten, I could probably count on one, MAYBE two as my real friends. The others were “fillers”… just around to make the group look poppin” even though it’s not. You could do fun group activities but no one really liked each other.

That’s the scariest part of any friendship or relationship: trying to figure out who is really on your team. Who is rooting for you and not against you? Or who is just there to be nosey?

These women that I once admired actually admired me. They came to me for advice, they came seeking guidance. They thought my life was put together… HA. Crazy how the world works, right? They definitely taught me a very important life lesson: don’t envy the next.

I try to find the good in my life and appreciate everything I have. I appreciate the lessons that my mom has taught me. And I try my best to share those lessons and promote self-love to everyone I come in contact with. You only have one life. You have to make the best out of it and embrace those flaws!