When talking to someone new, I tell them that I’m looking for three things: honesty, loyalty, and good communication. Dats it. If we have this, we can make it and everything in our developing relationship will come naturally. If you’re honest with me, then I can trust you. If you’re loyal to me, then all walls are broken down. And if we can communicate our feelings whether positive or negative, then no one will ever have to assume or feel left out in the dark.

I am all about my man. No one I have ever dated can say that infidelity was a problem on my end. I sleep, breathe, and dream about you (Not in a creepy way). I’ll sit up all night trying to plan a personalized “just because” gift or learn how to cook your favorite dish. I’m also your #1 fan. I’ll help you turn your dreams into reality and help eliminate any obstacles that may come in your way.

That’s how it should be, right? Or am I completely lost in this generation?

I’ve seen too many people focus on the non-factors of their “spouse” and fall in love with bullsh*t. Or they have a good man/woman but they’re too blind to see that because their priority list is completely f**ked up.

Females will get upset over a man that doesn’t “like” their pictures on social media but it’s because their man is working hard trying to provide for the both of them. Females loving a man for his d**k and a dinner date every two weeks but he disappears when you need assistance with trying to better your life.

Men fall in love with a woman with a slim waist and fat a** but she has no job with no plans of getting one and is comfortable with living off of everyone around her. Or a man being upset that he can’t come home to a home-cooked meal every night from his lady but this is because she works full-time and takes care of their child so she’s exhausted at the end of the night.

As you’re reading this, ask your yourself, WHAT DOES MY SPOUSE BRING TO THE TABLE? What do I bring to the table?  And more importantly, should either of us be sitting at the same table?!

If no one is supplying or adding to the relationship, then find a way to fix it or MOVE ON. What’s the point of waiting for a delivery that was never scheduled to come? Relationships lead to marriage or some form of a “forever thing” if you don’t agree with marriage. But I’m slowly starting to think that my generation has forgotten that should be the goal.

I know people that are with someone that can’t give them a ride to work or the store in a time of need. I also know people who with someone they complain about Every day. Then there are others who are patiently waiting for their spouse to “act right” when their spouse has made it clear that they’re not changing anytime soon. I sit there, observing and screaming: WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? 

I cannot say that I was always on the right track and I too have suffered from “lust” a few times in the past. But I learned from those mistakes and I observed others. I’ve seen true happiness in a relationship and the steps it takes to get there. It might be hard but it will never be a complete shit show.

On the other hand, if the sh*t show makes you happy, then hey have fun.

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