Can I just say that I’m so happy that I didn’t delete this account?

I tried to embark on a new journey with a friend, but this quickly turned into a major FAIL. The idea was great at first but an idea/project can only go so far if the passion is not 100% there. Before starting the YouTube channel, I was on a long writing vacation. I was suffering from severe writer’s block, partly because I was too consumed with maintaining a social life. The days I should’ve kept to myself were spent with out and about.. in other words, I was doing ratchet things with my sophistaratchet friends.

But I started to miss the thing that I thought I wasn’t meant to do…


And I soon realized that my words were missed by others.

I never thought writing was for me. Starting this blog was an idea from a former professor, who saw something in me that I couldn’t see until now. I never meant for this to turn into a career… it was just my weekly release. A release that created a connection to others.

Sorry for being so indecisive.

But I’m back. ❤

Love, KC.