The Life of a Young Mama

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… — April 1, 2016

Why in life do we feel that we constantly have to explain ourselves to people? Why are some people so consumed with how they’re perceived by others?

You can bend your back, twist your limbs and people will still never be satisfied. They’ll always find something wrong with you. They’ll always have a problem.

I think as humans we need to focus more on ourselves rather than proving yourself to other people. Trying to find acceptance from a place that you probably will never get it from.

If someone doesn’t want to accept for who you are, then surround yourself with people that do. Practice self-love as well. You are a beautiful human being with amazing qualities. No matter what you may think, there are people out there that will love the hell out of those qualities and accept any flaws you may have.

Stop wasting energy on unimportant things and people.