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Twenty seventeen. — December 31, 2016

Twenty seventeen.

I am BEYOND excited for 2017 to finally arrive. 2016 was a great year. The good definitely surpassed the bad events that occurred in my life. I started the year off right with the birth of Julian and a few short weeks after I was hired at my current job! I went through the sh*ts with their dad for a few months but I finally opened my eyes and realized my worth. Left him in the summer and my life has been LIT since then. Blessings on blessings have been flowing.

I have major milestones and goals I want to achieve in 2017.

  1. Buy a new vehicle
  2. Pay off my credit cards
  3. Open a savings account
  4. Land a management position at my job
  6. Start a YouTube Channel
  7. Gain more followers on my blog

I also want to continue to spread positivity! There are so many things wrong in this world and I think sometimes we forget to recognize the good.

I know this time next year everything on this more and maybe a few other things added will be checked off. I’m claiming it now.

A lot of people are “leaving things in 2016” but I’m focusing on what I’m bringing into the new year. I’m bringing amazing friends and my supportive family. I can honestly say that there is not one person in my group of love that I doubt.

I’m stepping into 2017 with my confidence on level 100.

Bring it on 2017.

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Chronicles of dating… — December 11, 2016

Chronicles of dating…

There’s really married a** men out here cheating. I hear the stories all the time but never was approached by one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hit on by men in relationships.. but I’m talking about girlfriends or situationships.. NEVER a married man..  SIX-year long marriage to be exact.

I  will not say names. Let’s just say he’s a very popular guy in the metro Detroit area. When he first slid in my DMs on Instagram, I didn’t think anything of it. Then he slid the # of one of his two phones into my inbox as well without me asking for it. :/

He rarely posts his wife on social media nor does she attend any of the bigger events in the area with him. Last time I saw her on his page was about a year or two ago, so I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt… ya know maybe they’re separated or divorced and he didn’t make it public. I wanted to get the truth out before I just dismissed him altogether.

So how do you ask a man if he’s married without actually asking?

Simple: you don’t.

Come on, if I would’ve come straight out and asked him he would lie duh. What cheating man do you know or have heard of that’s just like “yeah, I’m married”.

My friend and I turned into inspector gadget and sure enough, he’s “happily” married or he is on Facebook. He posted his wife exactly a month ago expressing his “love”. They have three very young children together as well.


He’s cool person  but I don’t know if keeping a friendship with him is the right thing to do. I feel very uncomfortable it all.

Now, on the other hand, I’ve been talking to this guy I met in October. He lives an hour away and he has come to visit me almost every week since we’ve met. He’s sweet and has kids of his own… he’s an entrepeneur.. has a car.. his own house… pretty much everything I want in a man if I was looking for one.

He called Jaylen his step-son and I instantly freaked out. He’s never met them in person but will see them every now and then when we are on video call.

I literally hung the phone with him. I was not prepared nor am I ready for ANYONE to say that. I’m dating for fun, not for a relationship right now. He knows this and he agreed he was doing the same thing. But then he starts to claim my child and states he’s falling for me..