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Noisy people. — February 2, 2016

Noisy people.

I gave you guys a quick overview about my labor and delivery experience with Julian. But I definitely left out of stuff… well here I go…

J… aka baby daddy… aka the boys father… was there the entire time. From the moment I texted him that I was in labor until the moment we left the hospital three days later. I was shocked at how great we got along. At first, I really didn’t want him there. I thought he would be negative¬†and irritate my entire soul. But it was the complete opposite. We even high-fived each other when Julian came out… lmao.

I would say that we’re not friends… but we get along. He comes to see the boys on a regular basis and we’re finally co-parenting like we should have been from the moment we broke up.

But now I have to address a few things that are really bugging my nerves:

My family and their crazy theory that Jeremy and I are getting back together. My grandma literally told us in the hospital that we need to get married… with about 50 million tears rolling down her face. Can you imagine how awkward and uncomfortable that conversation was?

Why do people feel that you have to be with the person you had kids with? I’m not saying it’s okay to just have sex with every and anyone with no intentions of being with each other for life. Jeremy and I did want a future together. We looked at rings, planned out a wedding and everything… we were literally signing papers to move into our first house together in May! But, God had different plans for us on TWO SEPARATE¬†paths.

Next noisy person to address is one of the females that Jeremy cheated on me with. She stalks my social media accounts like it’s her day job. I’m pretty sure she’s probably reading this right now (hey girl!). I’m somewhat annoyed because I don’t understand her reasoning for getting a daily dose of my life every minute she can.

I cannot express how much I don’t want my ex back. Hell, I’ll be extremely happy if he got married tomorrow! All I care about is my kids well-being and knowing that their father is playing an active role in their life. That’s it.

I’m just going to continue to hope and pray that this female and whoever else he decides to sleep with (because I’m sure there’s many many more to come) will not find my presence in his life so intimidating. I’m the mother of his kids. THAT’S IT.

It’s frustrating how everyone wants to have a say so in your life. Why can’t people learn to focus on themselves?