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<3 — February 11, 2017


Have you ever wanted to show someone love that they’ve never experienced before, a love you KNOW they are deserving of? It hurts to see someone you care for hurting over something they have complete control over. No matter how many times you try to guide them to the light, they will always return back to where they first started.

I just want to grab them and be like “LET ME SHOW YOU HOW AMAZING LIFE COULD BE.

Why do we settle for what we know is no good for us? Is it because it’s already established? Are we afraid to start over? We know exactly what the arguments are going to be about, exactly why we’re unhappy, but yet we continue to put up with it because it’s our “safe spot”. We don’t want to enter the unknown. We don’t want to put in the effort to start over.

With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, I think we all need to practice self-love. Take a step back and see if you’re doing everything you need to do to make yourself happy. Are you loving yourself? If no, then WHY NOT?

Loving yourself means more than just admiring your outer appearance. Do the decisions you make every day add to your happiness? Or are you really stressing yourself out? Are you taking the necessary steps to remove that stress from your life? Or are you settling?

Spend the 14th by pampering your d*%# self.

Love yourself. 



Numero uno. — February 8, 2017

Numero uno.

This post is WAY overdue but I wanted to include Julian’s first-year photos and they weren’t quite ready yet.. but guess what? My baby is no longer a baby anymore… well officially.

On January 15, 2017, my second born turned one and the week leading up to the big day was filled with emotion. I spent every minute observing him… trying to not to miss a single thing, trying to figure out how this year flew by so fast, and also trying to figure out how I can stop time.

I said I didn’t want to have any more kids and I still joke about it with friends and family but who am I fooling? Why should I deprive my husband of something he may want just because of my own selfish feelings?

I guess what I mean by not wanting more kids is that I don’t want them right now or in the near future! I don’t want to create another life with an empty soul. I don’t want to be responsible for another human that’s not brought into this world through love.

I don’t regret my children, I could and would NEVER. My boys are my EVERYTHING. But their father and I robbed them of having a life that is different than our own. Not saying their life will be horrible but there will be times where they will question themselves and their entire existence because of US.

Julian was sent from God. He came at a time when I needed him most. Once again, I was in a very dark place in my life and he provided the right amount of light. These boys give me purpose. They give me the drive to keep doing what I should be doing and the strive to do MORE. They are taught me love. They removed the hate from my heart and replaced it with positive thoughts and emotions.

-Fun facts-

Julian started walking at nine months, around the same time as Jaylen. He has four teeth and curly long hair. Ju-Ju is a happy, chunky toddler. He loves life. He exudes positivity and radiates energy. He’s smart and has already developed a personality of his own. He’s so attached to his momma and I love every minute of it since Jaylen is his father’s child. He loves his brother. You would think these two were in the womb together by the way they interact. They hate being apart.

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