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So far so good. — January 27, 2016

So far so good.

It’s been about a week and a half since the new addition to the family arrived and I can honestly say that I still have my sanity. ūüôā

Jaylen loves his little brother, which warms my heart. Sometimes it hurts when I have to tell him he can’t kiss all over him because of all those toddler germs he carries. There definitely are moments of jealousy though. He’ll sigh or act out. ¬†Thank God for my mom being around to show him a little more attention than usual. He’s still mommy’s helper, although he refuses to throw away the baby’s dirty diapers, lol.

Julian is an angel and breastfeeding is going well! He wakes up every three or four hours to eat, get changed, and goes right back to sleep.

I feel so refreshed and energized! I was up and about the same day I had him. The nurses recommended that I don’t drive for two weeks but I think putting myself on house arrest would’ve done more damage than good. I want to avoid the dreaded PPD (postpartum depression). Getting out of the house was the first step to bypassing it.

I’ve also been on several job interviews! I really hope to land something soon.

Overall, life is good. . . . . except POTTY TRAINING.

I started to train Jaylen before the baby came. After reading a couple of articles suggesting not to potty train with a new baby coming, I stopped. I want to start again but I can’t find the motivation. One would say that changing two sets of dirty diapers or the amount of cash I’m giving to Luvs and Pampers every month would be enough motivation… ¬†but it’s not. I think I’m scared. I’ve read so many horror stories! Why is potty training so terrifying?!

If you’ve successfully potty trained, please let me in on your secrets! How did you get started? How long did it take you? What tips or tricks do you have?


I saw the light! — January 20, 2016

I saw the light!

The labor Gods finally decided to stop sending me to voicemail.

My water broke around 11 a.m. last Thursday (1/14). By this point, I had given up all hope in having Julian early. I stopped all the crazy at-home labor inductions. I actually threw my hospital bag in the back of my closet because I was tired of looking at it.

I was in the middle of a phone interview for a potential job. I felt water slide down my pants as I was in middle of explaining how wonderful of a candidate I am to a group of people. My water did not break with my first born so this feeling was very new. At first, I thought I peed on myself. Then, I realized that I didn’t have to pee. This was something else.

I tried to keep myself together as much as possible until the end of the interview. When it was over, I ran upstairs to my mom and told her the news. From the time my water broke until 8 or 9 pm, I sat in a ¬†labor and delivery room waiting to feel at least one contraction. ¬†I walked the halls of Beaumont about a hundred times, did squats… nothing happened.

When I intentionally arrived at the hospital, my cervix was extremely thick so I was given three doses of this pill to help thin it out before given Pitocin aka the devils drug. After my third dose, I went from 2cm to 4cm. Pitocin was injected into my IV and the gates of hell opened up.

I saw Jesus after that. I don’t remember much. I just remember being tugged and tossed in every position possible. I almost remember feeling like I smoked a million joints of marijuana. My soul literally exited from my body. Contractions became unbearable. It felt like a little demon was trying to rip my insides apart. I caved. Yes guys, I got an epidural. ūüė¶

About 30 minutes to an hour after, the Pitocin¬†took a turn for the left. Both of our heart rates decreased drastically so I was taken off of the devil’s drug. I heard the nurses mention a c-section to my family and I freaked out. I cried hysterically because I felt like my worst fears were coming true.

My epidural decided to stop working as well… which in a way was a good thing. I wanted to experience a natural birth and trust me I felt EVERYTHING.

I went from 4 cm to 10 in a matter of minutes.

It was worth it, though. Feeling like I was about to enter heaven was definitely worth it. Every ounce of pain, confusion, fear… everything was worth it.

At 5:05 am on January 15, 2016, weighing it at 5lbs, 14 oz., Julian Isaiah was born and he is nothing short of perfect.


Second-time around. — January 10, 2016

Second-time around.

D-day is quickly approaching and I have so many things to think about and decisions to make. I figured I would list them out in hopes that putting them into the atmosphere will somehow make them actually happen.

I WILL have my mom and (hopefully) the boys god mom in the delivery room like I did with Jaylen.

I WILL allow visitors but not as many as the first time around.  I had a lot of unwanted visitors. Close friends and MY family members are the only people I want to see.

I WILL keep baby in the room with me. No nursery time! I don’t think I’ll be comfortable with my newborn out of my site.

I WILL get him circumcised while in the hospital.

I HOPE¬†to have someone stay overnight with me. I’m hoping the hospital will allow my mom and son to stay. Their father staying is just an absolute no-no.

I WILL attempt to deliver without getting an epidural. Number one reason why I want a doula. I’m a baby when it comes to pain so this one will be hard to actually go through with. Everyone is like “it’s not that bad”… yeah, says the person who was in labor for 4 minutes. If I have a long labor and delivery process like I had with Jaylen, I don’t think I will get through it without meds. I can deal with a couple of hours of pain, not a whole day and a half.

I WILL breastfeed again and for a longer period of time. I do not want to resort back to mixing and buying formula.

What are some things listed on your birthing plan?



Eviction notice. — January 4, 2016

Eviction notice.

Dear Julian, EXIT MY BELLY!

I’m 37 weeks, 3 days and I’m at that point where I’m kinda over being pregnant. None of my clothes fit, sleeping sucks, and being a civilized human outside the comfort of my home is more of a chore than anything. Julian’s cute kicks have turned into jolts of pain to my ribs and Jaylen is trying to figure out why it takes mommy ten minutes to get out of the bed.

tumblr_njbkdm8JJ01qky4cgo1_500 (1)

I have to thank God for my little helper, though. Jay may be a terrorizing,¬†adventurous little boy but he’s also very caring. He picks up things for me without asking. If he sees something out of place, he’ll let me know or put it back himself. If he sees me laying down for too long without movement, he’ll come by and say “you okay mama?”…. GAH I love him <3. Without Jay, these past few weeks would’ve been a nightmare.

I’ve always been a firm believer that babies will come out when they’re ready, so don’t force it. But I wanted to try all of those crazy ways to induce labor at home since I didn’t do any of them with Jaylen. I did get my membranes stripped twice with him at 37 and 38 weeks pregnant. Jaylen made his arrival at 39 weeks thanks to that and walking.

The first thing I tried was pineapples. They say that pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that is supposed to work like a prostaglandin to ¬†jump start labor. I ate about 3 FRESH whole pineapples. I didn’t feel not one contraction. FAIL.

I walk up and down the stairs in our home. They say walking up and down stairs gets baby lower into the birthing canal and might even get your water to break. I consider a trip up and down 15 stairs as one set, I do 50 sets a day. No contractions but a lot of pausing because I get very out of breath. I also get very dehydrated. FAIL.

I read somewhere that nipple stimulation is a guaranteed way to induce labor at home. They said 15 minutes of nipple stimulation on each breast will get those contractions jumping! Well, I just might be weird or something because I did this three times and I’m clearly still pregnant. I didn’t contract as well. FAIL.

Spicy foods… lots of heartburn but no contractions so FAIL.

Castor oil is also supposed to be a guaranteed labor inducer but yeah, no I’ll pass. I don’t nor do I want my unborn child to have the runs (TMI). I really think that’s just a bad idea.

I’m currently downing a cup of raspberry leaf tea, which is supposed to either induce labor or help with progression.¬†I’ve been two centimeters dilated for the past two weeks, so I’m hoping to hear good news at my upcoming appointment. Actually, I’m hoping that he comes before my appointment… like tonight.

What crazy things have you done to try to induce labor on your own?

Page 1 of 366. — January 1, 2016

Page 1 of 366.

How did you wake up on the first day of the new year?

Were you completely hungover from partying with friends and family last night? Or did you wake up refreshed and alive because you fell asleep before the ball even dropped? Either way, you’re alive and you made it to see another year! ūüôā

I spent the last day of 2015 with my lovebug. We had a mommy-son day out at the mall and I took him to look at potential dogs. I knew he wasn’t going to make it to midnight so I went to a “Drop the D” event in downtown Detroit around 11. It was nice but very crowded. I’m nine months pregnant so you can already sense my discomfort. But nonetheless, I enjoyed myself! The main purpose for going to the event was to get Julian a little lower into the birthing canal so he can make his entrance into the world. I thought I was going into labor for a quick second but unfortunately, I’M STILL PREGNANT. All in all, I enjoyed myself and brought in the new year right.

It may be a new year but it’s really just another day. Remember that you don’t have to wait for a new year to begin before you can start making positive changes in your life. Every moment of the day is an opportunity for change. You decide when you want to do so and what you want to do.

Whether you had a pretty rough year in 2015 or the year was filled with blessings on top of blessings, it is now in the past. Focus on the present and work towards a positive future.

I hope everyone has a blessed year. I hope you accomplish every goal you set your mind to. I hope that you are able to overcome any roadblocks, no matter the size. You made it this far in life without anything stopping you, so don’t let it stop you now.

I’ve already claimed 2016 as an amazing year, you should too!

Happy New Year everyone! ūüôā