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Updates.. and more. — September 29, 2015

Updates.. and more.

Why can’t every pregnancy be the same? It’s easy to connect with other preggo females when it comes to birth months and baby’s genderĀ groups, but then we lose the connection when we start talking about our symptoms. I think I’ve lost the connection with myself when it comes to this pregnancy compared to the first. I feel like it’s my first child and not my second time around the block.

Back P-A-I-N!

Okay, it’s perfectly normal to experience back pain throughout your pregnancy but my pain feels like my entire spine is dislocated. It hurts no matter what I do… I could literally sit/lay in bed all day or have a fun-filled day of walking. NOTHING helps. Except for tears, tears help a lot. I feel like when I cry about it, the pain escapes through them.. haha.

Cravings and the other stuff…

I miss chicken. I miss it a lot actually. During first tri, I hated everything including water which wasn’t such a bad thing because I ended up losing weight and I am TOTALLY OKAY with losing weight! Second tri started and the morning sickness didn’t die down until about a week ago *hits schmoney dance* I still hate chicken, but I’m back to loving water again. I’m OBSESSED with apples! Apple slices (I can’t/won’t eat whole apples though), apple juice, apple cider, apple flavored candy… everything. Beef and fish are another love of mine… well the baby. I’ve probably eaten enough beef in the last 6 months that I could start my own herd of cows. FROZEN YOGURT! Oh mmm gee, it’s like God made it himself and then placed it literally 5 minutes from my house. I go there every other day. The employees gave me my own punch card, bundles of BOGO coupons… they know my son and I by name.. they also know what flavor I like.. what the toppings I chose… and what times I come in… okay, this is starting to sound a little weird. Either I go there way too much or they’re slightly obsessed with me.

“You’re pregnant? Where?”

The first time around everyone was convinced I was pregnant with twins. I started showing at 3 months. It just might have to do with the amount of Taco Bell I consumed. But this time I just recently started showing… kinda. You can tell I’m pregnant if I wear a really form fitting shirt like a tank top. If I’m in my everyday wear, you can’t even tell. None of my co-workers or boss know that I’m pregnant and I’m around them 80% of the week. Friends only know if I’ve told them. I love this! Does this mean that my body will bounce back way quicker than it did after Jaylen? Like I seriously can still fit majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes and I’m six months! I was packing these things away at 4 months with Jaylen!

It’s a … — September 11, 2015

It’s a …

You’re looking at it correctly.


A blue ass balloon.

A BIG blue ass balloon.

So, remember that post a few weeks ago about how much I wanted/needed a little girl in my life? Yeah, throw it out the window.

Of course I was devasted yesterday (9/10) when the ultrasound tech showed me a black and white baby penis on the screen.. I almost cried to be honest. I was so convinced I was having a girl. I had names picked out and everything. But then a thought came to mind as I buttoned my pants and walked out of the room…

I have a healthy baby boy growing inside of me!

Every limb, every organ, everything was in place. I got to hear a strong heartbeat. Besides the still occurring morning sickness, I am healthy and have had a pretty smooth 21 weeks of pregnancy so far! Most women can’t say that. Most women are not even able to conceive or carry a baby this far.

Despite my disappointment, I AM BLESSED!

To be honest, as much as I wanted a girl and the thought of having a boy and girl sounded so ideal, I’m kinda glad it’s a boy. I don’t have to learn how to do a little girl’s hair and boy haircuts are CHEAP! No boyfriend drama, periods, vaginal infections, bitchy attitudes. Deuce (nickname for baby #2..for now) can get Jay’s old clothes/shoes and they can share toys.

My ex doesn’t need a girl anyways. He would go crazy… well become crazier than he already is.

Now I just have to figure out a name…